Magento Developers: How to Find and Hire Them


This Magento developers guide is the all-encompassing, all-mighty tutorial on this very subject to be found anywhere on the web. Everything on where to find them and how to engage in their services.

Most importantly, this page is always current. That is, up-to-date with any shifts in any Magento technology or trend changes in market behaviour.

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Finding Magento Developers

Why Magento?

With over 240,000 online businesses and a majority 23% of the top 100K ecommerce sites using Magento products, it’s not surprising that Magento skills are in demand.

Magento Community and Enterprise usage is approximately 23% of the top 100k online shopping carts on the web!

Statistics for websites using Ecommerce technologies, courtesy of BuiltWith, you can see Magento’s domination over the competing ecommerce platforms – providing the ecommerce platform for more than double the amount of sites of the nearest competitor

For enterprise-level ecommerce – more than double Oracle Commerce…

BuiltWith statistics for the top 10k websites using Ecommerce technologies.

The top 10k websites using Ecommerce technologies.

For medium-level ecommerce, more than double WooCommerce…

BuiltWith statistics for the top 10ok websites using Ecommerce technologies.

The top 100k websites using Ecommerce technologies.

This success has been largely down to Magento’s blend of an open-source codebase, extensibility, robustness, scalability, and large-scale development and extension community that has you covered for almost every business operational need imaginable.

So then…

How do I find a Magento developer?

This is often the first question users ask when considering this platform.

Magento Dev Word Cloud

A word cloud of all the search terms used for Magento devs

Generally, the first place most people turn to is Google Search using a generic ‘magento developers’ search query. Though, this often isn’t a good idea as it invariably brings up results dominated by costly development agencies who charge upwards of $250 p/h and don’t necessarily provide an experience in line with that hourly rate. Many even outsource the work to cheap resources.

Development agencies usually dominate Google Search results.

Development agencies usually dominate Google Search results.

The main reason that development agencies dominate such Google Search results is due to backlink spam. Agencies looking to rank high can manipulate these search results by including a link back to their services page in the footers of all the new websites they build.

Footer backlink spam to boost Magento development services rankings.

Footer backlink spam on Magento sites used to boost Google rankings of development agencies.

Do this over a few times and you rise up the ranks. Do this dozens of times and you’re guaranteed #1 position.

That said, search engines are still a good option for finding Magento talent – just not your only option.

For short-term or smaller contract projects, a great way to find developers is freelancer sites.
Here you can post your needs and interview applicants. Currently, there are thousands of experts listed on these sites that have Magento skills in design and development.

Roughly 3% of freelances are certified Magento developers.

Magento themselves have an extensive Solution Partner community that can assist with implementations, though these individuals or agencies tend towards enterprise clientele with large development budgets.

If you’re looking for an affordable permanent independent or long-contract employee there any independent developers that have worked with Magento for years who often attend industry events – making this is a great way to meet Magento developers and land one of your own.

Also, developers also have a few sites online where they like to hang out to look for work.

So, let’s get into it…

Magento Freelancer Marketplaces

These are job posting sites where users with Magento work that needs doing can shop around for the best fit talent. The job poster generally interviews, potentially dozens of, applicants to size up their cost, competence, and reliability. 


Upwork Magento Devs

Click image to visit Upwork’s Magento page.

Formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global online work platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. In 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork.

  • Large database of developers
  • Quick job post and interview process
  • Cheap, low cost resources
  • High fee charges:
    20% for the first $500 billed with the client,
    10% for billings between $500.01 and $10,000,
    5% for billings that exceed $10,000
  • By default, a 2.75% processing fee charged per payment
  • Inexperienced talent
  • Overstating skills and experience
  • Low cost resources often require training and a lot of your time
  • Refund policy is geared towards protecting the contractor
  • Merchants can be left out of pocket when it is discovered a contractor has made fraudulent or overstated claims of their skills and experience


Toptal Magento Devs

Click image to visit Toptal’s Magento page.

Toptal is a marketplace for top Magento developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. Top companies and startups choose Toptal Magento freelancers for their mission critical software projects.

Their unique angle is the top 3% of Magento talent out there and provide ability to hire a top Magento developer a per their strict qualification criteria.

  • High quality talent
  • Prides themselves on almost Ivy League-level vetting
  • Magento certified developers
  • Risk-free trial and pay only if satisfied
  • Experienced developers that require less management and training
  • Excellent reviews on TrustPilot (9.4/10 from 86 reviews  – Sep ‘15)
  • Sign up doesn’t allow use of generic email addresses (gmail, hotmail, etc)
  • Somewhat expensive – lack of price transparency
  • Enterprise-level solutions partner, out or the price range of most Magento operators
  • Slow onboarding process – long forms to complete before search begins
  • A scheduled intro call with Toptal staff is required during onboarding


Elance Magento Devs

Click on image to visit Elance’s Magento page.

  • Cheap resources
  • Quick start
  • Escrow services for payment protection
  • Large database of Magento developers (Over 6,200 developers – Sep’15)
  • Inexperienced talent
  • Overstating skills and experience
  • Low cost resources often require training and a lot of your time
  • 8.75% fee added to your freelancer’s bid

People Per Hour

People Per Hour Magento Devs

Click on image to visit PPH’s Magento dev page.

  • Cheap resources
  • Database of over 1,300 Magento developers
  • Easy setup and quick job posting process
  • Inexperienced talent overstate skills and experience
  • Low cost resources often require training and a lot of your time


Freelancer Magento Devs

Click on image to visit Freelancer’s Magento dev page.

  • Cheap resources
  • Database of over 1,600 Magento developers (not the 60K plus claimed on their page)
  • Easy setup and quick job posting process
  • Limited browse filtering options makes it difficult to sort candidates by price
  • Inexperienced talent can overstate skills and experience
  • Low cost resources often require training and a lot of your time
  • Hefty fees ranging from 13-20% charged for project


Guru Magento Dev

Click on image to visit Guru’s Magento dev page.

  • Cheap resources
  • Payment security guarantee using SafePay for a risk-free guarantee
  • Pay the freelancer only after work quality is approved
  • Not a large database of resources (Under 400 developers – Sep ‘15)
  • Inexperienced talent can overstate skills and experience
  • Low cost resources often require training and a lot of your time


Magento Communities

Magento Forums

Official Magento Forums

Click image to visit the Official Magento Forums

Guidelines and technical discussions around versions, Magento 2, and extensions in over 12 languages. 


Magento Stackoverflow

Click image to visit StackExchange’s Magento page.

Magento Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of the Magento e-Commerce platform. It’s 100% free and no registration is required.

This is a place for the more technically inclined to post their Magento development needs in the hope a skilled user will respond; or fish around for similar problems already solved.

Instant or private messaging is not available on Stack. This is to maintain focus on questions and answers, and to keep these visible to everyone.

Stackoverflow Magento Questions

One might use comment replies to notify a user of a comment. But remember – even comments should be relevant to the post, and can be reported for removal if they are not.

On the flip side, developers often leave contact information in their user profiles in order to provide one way for people to contact them.


GitHub is an online collaboration tool for code review and management. It’s for both open source and private projects. The open source public projects are free to use. Here, there is a small group of talented and passionate Magento developers to be found.

GitHub Magento

You can follow or directly message these guys closely related to Magento.

GitHub Magento Devs

To cast a wider net, use GitHub’s search feature to pull up results for Magento talent.

Click on image to go directly to GitHub Magento developer search results.


Over 18,000 members in this professional group. You can attempt to start a discussion, though these are rarely commented on. You’re better off messaging developers and agencies you find there directly with your Magento needs.

LinkedIn Magento Devs

Click on image to visit LinkedIn Magento page.

Developers can search for Magento jobs. Sign in to find connections who can help you successfully apply for them.


Twitter is an awesome place to discover Magento talent. You can use Twitter’s search engine to find users who have been recently using Magento development related hashtags.

Magento Devs on Twitter

The most popular hashtags are #Magento, #MagentoDev and #MagentoDeveloper.

Look to get in contact with those users that are tinkering around with Magento and showing off their wares. This is an indication of greater experience with the framework.

Magentodev tweets

If you cannot find anyone, simply tweet your own callout, such as this example:
Tweet Magento Devs Vacancies


Reddit is a social news networking service and news website where registered community members submit content about endless topics, including, that’s right, Magento.

Click on image to visit the Magento reddit.

Click on image to visit the Magento reddit.

Reddit allows for private messaging but overt self-promotion. So you need to contact developers directly.

To do this, simply visit the Magento reddit page and look out for redditors who claim developer skills. This is usually indicated by a “Developer” label next to their username seen below each subreddit.


Click into each developer and send them a private message.


Local Classifieds


An option best suited to the U.S, Craigslist is a handy for finding local Magento talent. This is something of a requirement in cases where having a remote Magento developer is not an option.

You need to navigate to your locale in question.  Here’s one for New York:

Craigslist Magento Dev Jobs

Craigslist is notorious for scammers and spammers. Beware of spammy listings which appear as duplicates in many different regions.

Take extra precaution with sharing server access credentials and aim to always meet developers face-to-face in public first before getting started.

Developers can also list their services.


Gumtree is a great resource for local Magento talent in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa.

Gumtree Magento Developers

Use the below links for “magento developer” search results for each Gumtree locale:

Magento Development Companies


A Magento development company will generally cost you more than a freelancer. How much more depends on how large a reputation they have. They often need to cover other overheads such as staff payroll and office space rent.

Magento Partner Program Fees

Magento Associates are companies focused on implementing Magento Community Edition sites, or interested in developing their Magento Enterprise skills in order to become a Silver or Gold level Solution Partner. Becoming a Magento Associate is the first step for all companies interested in becoming a Magento Solution Partner.

Next steps move you on to Silver and Gold partnerships. Many of you will recognise their badges.

Magento Partner Badges

Magento offers web design and solution implementation companies the opportunity to join our ecosystem of eCommerce experts as a Magento Associate in three ways.

Magento Partner Programs

Click on image to visit the Magento Partner Programs page.

  • Solutions partners are your certified Magento developer companies or agencies as some like to be called. Many of them also create Magento extensions that are available for purchase.
  • Technology partners are more your pure software company that provide third-party applications (usually available for other popular ecommerce carts too) to extend the capabilities of Magento and other shopping cart platforms. Think cloud-based accounting, inventory, and ERP solutions that integrate with your site backend.
  • Hosting/performance partners are hosting companies that specialise in Magento server stacks designed to get the most performance out of your Magento installation.


Type Region Location Partners Average Cost
Solution Africa Côte d’Ivoire 1 TBC
Solution Africa Mauritius 1 TBC
Solution Africa Morocco 1 TBC
Solution Africa South Africa 3 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific Australia 10 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific China 5 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific Hong Kong 4 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific India 5 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific Indonesia 2 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific Japan 2 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific Korea, Republic of 2 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific New Zealand 2 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific Russian Federation 3  TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific Singapore 3 TBC
Solution Asia-Pacific Viet Nam 2 TBC
Solution Europe Austria 1 TBC
Solution Europe Belgium 5 TBC
Solution Europe Croatia 1 TBC
Solution Europe Denmark 4 TBC
Solution Europe Estonia 2 TBC
Solution Europe Finland 3 TBC
Solution Europe France 16 TBC
Solution Europe Germany 13 TBC
Solution Europe Italy 7  TBC
Solution Europe Malta 1  TBC
Solution Europe Netherlands 2  TBC
Solution Europe Norway 3  TBC
Solution Europe Poland 1  TBC
Solution Europe Portugal 1  TBC
Solution Europe Romania 2  TBC
Solution Europe Slovakia 1  TBC
Solution Europe Spain 3  TBC
Solution Europe Sweden 5  TBC
Solution Europe Switzerland 4  TBC
Solution Europe Ukraine 1  TBC
Solution Europe United Kingdom 27  TBC
Solution Latin America Argentina 1  TBC
Solution Latin America Bolivia, Plurinational State of 1  TBC
Solution Latin America Brazil 3  TBC
Solution Latin America Colombia 1  TBC
Solution Latin America Mexico 3  TBC
Solution Middle East Turkey 2  TBC
Solution Middle East United Arab Emirates 1  TBC
Solution North America Canada 7  TBC
Solution North America United States 59  TBC
Hosting Asia-Pacific Australia 1  TBC
Hosting Europe France 1  TBC
Hosting Europe United Kingdom 2  TBC
Hosting North America Canada 2  TBC
Hosting North America United States 14 TBC
Technology Asia-Pacific Australia 3  TBC
Technology Asia-Pacific New Zealand 1  TBC
Technology Asia-Pacific Viet Nam 1  TBC
Technology Europe Belarus 1  TBC
Technology Europe Finland 2  TBC
Technology Europe France 1  TBC
Technology Europe Germany 1  TBC
Technology Europe Isle of Man 1  TBC
Technology Europe Latvia 1  TBC
Technology Europe Netherlands 2  TBC
Technology Europe United Kingdom 8  TBC
Technology Middle East Israel 3   TBC
Technology North America Canada 4  TBC
Technology North America United States 49  TBC


Magento Certified Developers


Magento Certified Developers

Click image to visit the Magento Certified Developers directory.

Using their own classification, there are 3 types of Magento developers. Certifications given are:

  1. Solution Specialist
  2. Front End Developer
  3. Developer and Developer Plus

Earn your your Magento certifications here.

Magento Developer Certification


“Magento Developer India” Google Search


The search term “magento developer india” is very common, and little wonder why. Developers and development companies in India are presumed to be cheaper than development agencies in countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. It is also considered a cheaper option to Eastern Europe where the talent pool is vast and actually just as affordable.

If affordability is the approach you need to take, then you will also be interested in knowing other highly sought after countries out there so you can widen your own search to those regions too.

Magento Developers in India

Local developers should remember to optimise their websites with their locales using country and city names in page titles and meta descriptions.

Here are the top 10 by global search volume:

Magento Developers in India Search Volumes

The below list features related remote and local searches in order of volume:

  1. india
  2. london
  3. melbourne
  4. sydney
  5. delhi
  6. uk
  7. bristol
  8. los angeles
  9. toronto
  10. mumbai
  11. manchester
  12. brisbane
  13. perth
  14. australia
  15. new york
  16. singapore
  17. montreal
  18. mumbai
  1. ahmedabad
  2. dubai
  3. indonesia
  4. philippines
  5. atlanta
  6. usa
  7. hongkong
  8. ireland
  9. birmingham
  10. miami
  11. chicago
  12. kolkata
  13. pune
  14. edinburgh
  15. hyderabad
  16. nottingham
  17. florida
  18. berlin
  1. dallas
  2. glasgow
  3. noida
  4. kent
  5. houston
  6. las vegas
  7. newcastle
  8. kolkata
  9. adelaide
  10. california
  11. san diego
  12. seattle
  13. vietnam
  14. thailand


Top countries:

  1. India (remote)
  2. Australia (local)
  3. UK (local)
  4. USA (local)
  5. Canada (local)
  6. Singapore (local)
  7. Indonesia (remote)
  8. Philippines (remote)
  9. Hong Kong (local)
  10. Ireland (local)
  11. Vietnam (remote)
  12. Thailand (remote)


Top 5 local search cities:

  1. London
  2. Melbourne
  3. Sydney
  4. Bristol
  5. Los Angeles


Top Indian cities:

  1. Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Ahmedabad
  4. Kolkata
  5. Pune
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Noida


There is talent in all the aforementioned locales – just remember to vet your developer with some Magento interview questions and ask to see some of their previous work.

Google Search for Bloggers


Hands down, the best way to find a great Magento developer is to search for freelancers who have a website!

Generally, if someone is good enough at something he or she may feel inclined to blog about their passion. In the case of Magento, dev bloggers share tech updates and fixes with their readers, some even create their own Magento extensions for sale on their blogs.

Though, let’s face it, Magento developers are not amazing online marketers and so finding out about them via their websites and Search may be a little difficult since their sites are often not search engine optimised.

Even the most direct and obvious searches may very well bring up few freelance results. A typical search query of “magento developer {city}” such as below, shows none.

Unmodified Keyword Search

Page 1 is completely dominated by agencies and Magento development companies. This is largely down to the fact that their websites have gotten a lot of backlinks over the years, either organically, or strategically by inserting backlinks pointing back to them into client websites.

Often you will need to refine your search query using search operators like “-” negative keywords. For example,  “magento developer {city} {negative keywords}” which brings up one promising result below.

Use Negative Search Keywords

Modifiers and operators to try:

  • magento developer
  • magento development
  • {your city of choice}
  • inurl:blog

Negative keywords you might want to include:

  • -agency
  • -design
  • -jobs
  • -linkedin
  • -directory
  • -classified

Sometimes you have to persevere and review several pages deep in the search results to find something meaningful.

Below example show how I came across an excellent Magento developer in the local area. 

Refined Search for Local Magento Blogger

Look closely and you’ll notice the result appears at the bottom of Page 3!?!

Very, very few people actually look beyond page 1, so remember to search through to results page 20 if you need to before modifying your search query.

Magento Events

  • Magento Events Calendar – a publicly available Google calendar which contains all Magento events around the world

Simply click on the above link while logged into Google – then click on the button highlighted below right to add to Google Calendar.

Magento Events Google Calendar

Annual Conferences

Magento Meetups

Magento Meetups

Click on image to visit Magento Meetups in all cities.

  1. Manchester Magento User Group Manchester, United Kingdom; 319 members
  2. London Magento Users Group London, United Kingdom; 1055 members
  3. UK Magento Users Group Nottingham, United Kingdom; 61 members
  4. Midwest Magento Meetup Chicago, IL; 391 members
  5. Southeast Magento Meetup Atlanta, GA; 176 members
  6. SoCal Magento Meetup Irvine, CA; 103 members
  7. New England Magento E-Commerce Meetup Boston, MA; 309 members
  8. New York Magento Meetup – NY Group – by New York, NY; 625 members
  9. Los Angeles Magento Group Los Angeles, CA; 246 members
  10. Vancouver Magento User Group – VanMagUG Vancouver, BC; 48 members
  11. Auckland Magento User Group Auckland, New Zealand; 225 members
  12. ATX Magento Group Austin, TX; 168 members
  13. The Seattle Magento Meetup Group Seattle, WA; 145 members
  14. Dallas Magento Dallas, TX; 133 members
  15. eCommerce Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI; 463 members
  16. San Diego Magento San Diego, CA; 30 members
  17. San Francisco Magento San Francisco, CA; 271 members
  18. Desert Writers, Artists, Musicians and Creatives Palm Springs, CA; 354 members
  19. Hyderabad Magento meetup Hyderabad, India; 116 members
  20. Magento Meetup USA Minneapolis, MN; 81 members
  21. openBar() Toronto Toronto, ON; 196 members
  22. The Sydney Magento Meetup Sydney, Australia; 371 members
  23. Twin Cities Magento User Group Minneapolis, MN; 51 members
  24. Ann Arbor Friends of Lyons Ann Arbor, MI; 16 members
  25. Central PA Magento Meetup Lancaster, PA; 11 members
  26. Austin Magento Developers Meetup Austin, TX; 31 members
  27. Magento Estonia Meetup Group Tallinn, Estonia; 56 members
  28. Triangle eCommerce Group Durham, NC; 97 members
  29. NYC Magento Meetup New York, NY; 283 members
  30. Cross Commerce Amsterdam, Netherlands; 12 members
  31. Magento Melbourne Melbourne, Australia; 134 members
  32. PHP User Group Wellington Wellington, New Zealand; 286 members
  33. The UK Online Seller Meetup Group London, United Kingdom; 934 members
  34. New York eCommerce Meetup New York, NY; 879 members
  35. Magento SD San Diego, CA; 54 members
  36. Magento user Group Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands; 262 members
  37. Efficient Trade Ltd Startup Napier, New Zealand; 1 members
  38. Copenhagen, Denmark; 5 members
  39. Dallas Magento Merchants Users Group Frisco, TX; 15 members
  40. Magento Meetup Ireland Dublin, Ireland; 153 members
  41. Magento Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa; 7 members
  42. South Florida Magento Developers West Palm Beach, FL; 56 members
  43. Magento User Group ‘s-Hertogenbosch ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands; 68 members
  44. Poznan Magento User Group Poznan, Poland; 26 members
  45. Northeast Ohio Magento User Group Solon, OH; 27 members
  46. Magento Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia; 36 members
  47. Bangalore Magento Developers Meetup Bangalore, India; 32 members
  48. Seoul Magento & E-Commerce Meetup Seoul, Korea (South); 11 members
  49. Magento WA Perth, Australia; 35 members
  50. Lille PHP Meetup Lille, France; 67 members
  51. Open Source Toronto Toronto, ON; 82 members
  52. All about Web development! Delhi, India; 62 members
  53. Magento-Stammtisch Wien Vienna, Austria; 51 members
  54. Nagpur Magento Meetup Nagpur, India; 76 members
  55. Portland Maine Magento Meetup Portland, ME; 28 members
  56. Los mejores eventos de Networking Madrid, Spain; 549 members
  57. Munich Magento Development Meetup München, Germany; 18 members
  58. Chennai Magento Meetup Chennai, India; 95 members
  59. NYC Magento Merchant Group (No Agencies or Vendors) New York, NY; 54 members
  60. Kochi Magento Meetup Kochi, India; 17 members
  61. Stockholm Magento Meetup Stockholm, Sweden; 86 members
  62. Hasselt Magento Meetup Hasselt, Belgium; 5 members
  63. Bhubaneswar Magento Meetup Bhubaneswar, India; 38 members
  64. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Magento Meetup Minneapolis, MN; 35 members
  65. SagaCity Delhi, India; 55 members
  66. Fashion Digital New York, NY; 490 members
  67. Fashion Digital UK London, United Kingdom; 284 members
  68. Ann Arbor Magento Developers Meetup Ann Arbor, MI; 64 members
  69. Meet E-commerce Poznan, Poland; 60 members
  70. Magento User Group Rotterdam Rotterdam, Netherlands; 53 members
  71. Utah Magento Users Group Salt Lake City, UT; 63 members
  72. Madrid Magento Meetup Madrid, Spain; 53 members
  73. Tech Meetup – Santex (Lima) Lima, Peru; 284 members
  74. TLV PHP Meetup Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel; 290 members
  75. India Magento Meetup Delhi, India; 173 members
  76. Online-Handel-Oberpfalz (OHO) Weiden, Germany; 5 members
  77. New Plymouth eCommerce & Internet Marketing Meetup New Plymouth, New Zealand; 28 members
  78. Israel Magento Payment Technology Meetup Herzeliyya, Israel; 31 members
  79. Charleston PHP Charleston, SC; 37 members
  80. Santiago PHP Meetup Santiago, Chile; 44 members
  81. Magento User Group Groningen Groningen, Netherlands; 54 members
  82. Atlanta Magento Developers & Designers Atlanta, GA; 144 members
  83. NetSuite New York Metro User Group New York, NY; 14 members
  84. Magento Stammtisch Kiel Kiel, Germany; 8 members
  85. Liverpool Magento Group Liverpool, United Kingdom; 12 members
  86. Magento Meetup Enschede Enschede, Netherlands; 10 members
  87. Westchester Connecticut Magento Meetup White Plains, NY; 23 members
  88. Milano Magento Meetup MMM EcommerceUser Groups Communities Milano, MI; 26 members
  89. Power Linux Madrid, Spain; 89 members
  90. B2B eCommerce Meetup London, United Kingdom; 72 members
  91. Los Angeles Shopify Meetup Santa Monica, CA; 1 members
  92. Web-Stammtisch Greifswald Greifswald, Germany; 10 members
  93. Demandware Community Europe – Tech & Business London, United Kingdom; 18 members
  94. Colombo Magento Meetup Colombo, Sri Lanka; 50 members
  95. Magento Bournemouth Meetup Bournemouth, United Kingdom; 16 members
  96. Magento Meetup DK Copenhagen, Denmark; 13 members
  97. Magento Lite Sessions – Kraków Kraków, Poland; 59 members
  98. Magento Training Minneapolis, MN; 6 members
  99. Bangkok Magento MeetupBangkok, Thailand; 1 members
  100. ATL Shopify & eCommerce Enthusiasts Atlanta, GA; 4 members


Hiring Magento Developers

Type of Magento Developers

Front End Developer

Creates and customizes Magento themes including:

  • templates, layouts, CSS, Javascript, and other components of the front end of a Magento site
  • images
  • translations

Uses the Admin Panel to:

  • implement design-related system configuration
  • modify the appearance of specific pages (for instance, CMS, categories, and products)



Can skillfully use all business processes in Magento, such as: Structure of catalog, indexes, promotions, price generation logic Architecture of checkout, payment/shipment methods, sales/order processing Advanced core knowledge — forms/grids full functionality, API, widgets, etc.

Can make design decisions on the code level, including how to parse data files, steps of import, data verification, logging (etc.)

Magento Certified Badges


Developer Plus

Skillful in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition and has delved into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored, but which can give someone an advantage when implementing a site using Magento.


Certified Solution Specialist

Certified Solutions Specialist Badge

Magento Solution Specialists who achieve this certification have demonstrated a thorough understanding of Magento’s functionality to ecommerce business goals according to best practices.

What’s the cost for a Magento Developer?


Freelance rates vary greatly by developer experience. Pick any hourly rate between $4/hr and $150/hr and you’ll invariably find someone at that price who claims to be equipped to carry out your Magento work.

While this is still cheaper than most agencies who charge upwards of $200/hr for enterprise clients, it is important that you properly vet your Magento freelancer as Magento ecommerce platform is a notoriously tricky beast. Having all the great features it has makes it resource and planning heavy – meaning a developer merely “completing” a task may not be the best scenario for you in the long term.

Magento needs to be modified in the right way so that it doesn’t interrupt its upgrade path or slow down performance – and knowing how to do that requires years of experience.   

If you are looking to hire in the $20/hr range be prepared to also have to train your contractor, not only on Magento but also on CSS3 and Javascript which may be a cost-effective play for you but end up demanding a lot of your time.

On the other hand, if you value your time more and are looking for a less involved approach the range price per hour runs quite a bit higher since Magento development is always in demand and experienced talent can price themselves upwards of $100 per hour.


What to Look For in a Job Candidate


Essentially, what you’re after is a good PHP developer, though ideally one with experience in the Zend framework that forms the basis of Magento.

Of course job candidates should have experience working with multiple implementations—the more installs and launches under the belt, the better!

I highly recommend looking for Magento Certifications and Magento U Courses they’ve taken as well. Magento courses are built by professional Instructional Designers and taught by some of the most experienced Magento professionals, and all of them include hands-on exercises so participants can immediately put into practice what they learn.

Magento certifications are built to test these real-world job skills and they demonstrate a developer’s expertise.

The investment these guys have made in their career by taking a class or getting a certification demonstrates a high level of commitment and dedication, and identifying candidates with Magento training or certifications up front can help you narrow down the field very quickly.


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    1. Hi Kim, building a Magento site can be a really big job due to its sheer size. If your requirements aren’t huge or you don’t have many or complex products than something simple like Shopify or Woocommerce may be worth considering.

      Best of luck! 🙂

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